Xeirotexnika Thessaly 2019

Xeirotexnika, the biggest and most popular celebration of  Handicraft and Do-It-Yourself, comes for the first time in Volos.

On the weekend of 6 -7 April at Tsalapata Exhibition Center.For 2 days, the city will be turned into the biggest meeting point in Thesally for both advanced and aspiring crafters of all ages.


Within an area of hundreds of square meters, coming with a variety of event rooms, restaurants and an open air parking lot, visitors have the chance to be informed about every aspect of their favorite art form, buy tools and materials and  of course to meet experienced professionals, acquiring in this way valuable knowledge and know-how.


 A great variety of workshops focusing on a wide range of topics is offered in which participants, along with the guidance of experts, will be able to create their very own handicraft which they can keep after their departure.


All workshops are conducted by acclaimed professionals and experts and are aimed at all visitors regardless of their experience level.


In addition, Presentations and Seminars about every section of Handicraft and Do-It-Yourself are offered for free during both days, encouraging in this way everyone’s participation no matter how experienced each one is.
Knowledge along with its spread and practice are the core of every lesson which will be given at the festival. And of course, they all have free entrance!


At Xeirotexnika, we don’t offer just knowledge, but materials as well! In order for the visitors  to be able to go from theory to practice.


In the specially designed Market Area, you’ll find kiosks of the most famous tool and material sellers, providing you in this way the opportunity to secure anything you need for your crafts, no matter how rare it is.


A wide range of merchants and retailers along with shops, brings the Market into the festival’s center.


Last but not least, our little friends can discover the world of Handicraft through the specially designed children activities which will offer both theoritical and practical learning, aimed at every age.


We welcome each one of you.. men, women and children of all ages, exhibitors or guests, professionals or amateurs, at Greece’s greatest gathering focused on handmade creations. A true celebration, signed by Xeirotexnika.

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