Xeirotexnika Spring 2017

Xeirotexnika Spring 2017 was organized from 24 to 26 of March 2017 in Helexpo Maroussi.

Xeirotexnika Spring 2017

Xeirotexnika Spring 2017 is the largest festival about crafting and Do-It-Yourself in Greece.

We were all there for our three-day meeting. It was in north area of Athens, in Helexpo Maroussi in a very beautiful and well-organized hall.

Visitors found the shops with craft supplies, 4 workshop areas and a Presentation area. In workshops rooms visitors can participate in hand-on workshops. In Presentation Area, visitors are watching how to use new techniques and materials. We had 28 Presentations and 70 workshops!

Teachers and exhibitors informed us about new materials and techniques. We learned how to make easter crafts and handmade items for our house and our wedding day!

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Broschure/ Map

See below our program and map!