Xeirotexnika Crete 2017

Xeirotexnika Crete took place on December 2nd & 3rd at DEKK, Heraklion.

Xeirotexnika Crete 2017 Report

Xeirotexnika was once again a colorful event with strokes of creation and inspiration with the contribution of the exhibitors, with their colorful and lovely kiosks, the seminars with their exceptional handicrafts and, of course, the people’s positive vibes! A basic part of the atmosphere was the decoration of the space with creativity and imagination.

Of course, we thank all the exhibitors who contributed to the festive atmosphere of Xeirotexnika (more details below) and managed all together to make this big crafts celebration come to life once again! We also thank our communication sponsors who took care of informing our audience properly for one more time! In addition, the presence of our teachers who delivered new techniques to the festival goers, was more than valuable!

Xeirotexnika couldn’t become reality without all the people who work with us responsibly and with a positive attitude and always smile and give their best in order for our guests to have a great time!

Communication Sponsors

We thank our communication and transportation sponsors for Crete


We thanks all the teachers who took part in the Xeirotexnika seminars and were always in a good mood and willing to show all the lastest trends about handicraft and DIY.

The seminar curators were: Amanda Moraiti from Amanda’s Handmade Creations, despinastudio, startcrafting, birbilo


Check all the photos here


Below you can find the schedule along with the seminars, the presentations and the top view of the hall!