Xeirotexnika Athens 2017

Xeirotexnika Athens 2017 took place on November 3rd, 4th & 5th at Peristeri Exhibition Hall.

Xeirotexnika Athens 2017 Report

More than 12.000 visitors showed up and celebrated with us the joy of crafting, during three days full of creation.

For the numbers… more than 60 craft material stores took part and provided solutions for whichever handicraft section you can imagine.

More than 150 workshops and techique presntations took place with over 1500 persons participating and learning all the lastest crafting techniques while creating their own handicraft.

Ftiaxto.gr was of course there, all the 3 days, by celebrating its birthday! It completed 10 years of presence, threw parties and those who participated won gifts and contributed to the “wall of handicraft” with creations they themselves made on the spot or brought from home.

This year, we were lucky enough to have a space especially dedicated to diy clothing.. the Hack your Clothes Area by missbloom.gr where all visitors could take part and convert their old clothes into new ones! With the assistance of our fashion expert Nikos Zavaliaris, they made them into something new and impressive! For those who weren’t there, you might be next year.. Patience!

Xeirotexnika was once again a colorful event with strokes of creation and inspiration with the contribution of the exhibitors, with their colorful and lovely kiosks, the seminars with their exceptional handicrafts and, of course, the people’s positive vibes! A basic part of the atmosphere was the decoration of the space with creativity and imagination.

If you came, you surely didn’t miss our striking reception and the social media photography point. Thanks to Morphos sofas and beds that equiped us with the sofas of the area along with felizol.gr with their beautiful styrofoam crafts, the area was wonderfully decorated. They also gave a hand at the photograph shooting! Let’s get to know them better:

  • Morphos sofas and beds is active for the last 30 years at the furnishing sector, with great success. They design and construct 100% greek furniture with a lot of passion.
  • Felizol.gr was launched on 1936 and it’s present ever since in the decorating and proofing sector. During the last years, the company run projects as scenography, home deco and packaging. In Xeirotexnika they proved that diy crafts are their keypoint.

We thank them for theiw cooperation and the offering of their materials. Scenographer Stefanos Katselis was the decoration supervisor.

We’d also like to thank our big sponsor PACO ART CENTER who supported us once again. Of course, we thank all the exhibitors who contributed to the festive atmosphere of Xeirotexnika (more details below) and managed all together to make this big crafts celebration come to life once again! We also thank our communication sponsors who took care of informing our audience properly for one more time! In addition, the presence of our teachers who delivered new techniques to the festival goers, was more than valuable! Finally, a big thanks to Max Stores for providing materials and coloring pens for the seminars.

Xeirotexnika couldn’t become reality without all the people who work with us responsibly and with a positive attitude and always smile and give their best in order for our guests to have a great time!

So we thank:

  • The ftiaxto.gr girls (Elina & Valia) who always support and love Xeirotexnika as their “child” and were next to us for everything we needed.
  • The people who are behind the production and care for all the thing to be designed, executed and well functioning until the very last moment: Kostas Fontalis, Vanesa Matsouka, Dora Kapogianni, Apostolos Bousgolitis and our youngest member, Giannis Skordas!
  • The persons who worked for designing and setting Xeirotexnika and all its side projects: Nikolas Zavaliaris -fashion designer and creator of Hack your Clothes Project, Amanda Moraiti -the “craft goddess”, Stefanos Ktselis-creator of our stunning spaces and Tonia Tsiomou who’s always there when we need her, always with in good mood and with a smile, ready to provide solutions and optimism!
  • All the people who worked at the realisation of Xeirotexnika during all 3 days: Mirto, Nikos, Dionysia, Anna M., Maria, Giorgos, Katerina, Orestis and Anna B. And of course the children who helped us in Crete.. Mina, Aretousa, Thanos, Eirini and Ntaassa.

Also, we thank theGreek Samaritans Union for being always standby for our safety!

Communication Sponsors

We thank a lot our communication sponsors

The chalk paint “magician” was with us!

Last year we were really glad to get to know and have with us the inspirator of Annie Sloan chalk paints. Our visitors got to know her, took photos and, of course, she presented them all the latest techniques for applying these striking colors (check what happened last year)!

This year, we’ll have the “wizard of colours”,  Jonathon Marc- Mendes, who was picked by Annie Sloan as the artist of the year. Jonathon Marc- Mendes respresents the original Annie Sloan paints globally and resides in England.

He himself mentions that during the last decade he had been working with acrylic paints until he found out about chalk paints which rocketed his work. He’s famous for his aging techniques with two colours and the wet wipe aging, while he teaches their appliance to the whole world.

Persons who have watched him teaching about hues and mixtures claim that attending one of his classes is a unique experience and that his knowledge, which he generously shares, is remarkable. You can check out his work through his page:https://www.facebook.com/JMMPaintedLove/

Don’t miss the chance to see him in person and to learn about the “secrets” of chalk paints.


We thanks all the teachers who took part in the Xeirotexnika seminars and were always in a good mood and willing to show all the lastest trends about handicraft and DIY.

The participants were: Marianna Palantza from SKAG in SKAG DECO ROOM, Kat Ina, Terrys quilling corner, Eikastiko Kafeneio, K’s Workshop, Women Creators, Lila Diamantopoulou, Mania Xatzioannidi, Stefis Felt, the Artistic Union Decomana, Aggeliki Demetriou,  Episkeves.com, Annikas Greek Handicrafts,Woodicrafts, tonino.gr, yumyarn, despinasstudio, litsart, mamagiaspiti.gr, Paris Laliotis, efzin creations, craftland, La petite Melina, Vasiliki Tsiligrou, craftmaker by nicole, all loukia’s little things, oyo crafts,Maria’s paper weaving, mamadoistories.gr, artdecorationcrafting.


Check all the photos here


Below you can find the schedule along with the seminars, the presentations and the top view of the hall!