Xeirotexnika 2013

The 2nd Xeirotexnika 2013 took place at “The Hub Events” on 19th and 20th of January 2013.

Xeirotexnika 2013 Report

The 2nd Xeirotexnika 2013 gathered more than 8.000 visitors in 2 days, more than 35 suppliers and handicraft professionals exhibited their materials, more than 20 hours of presentations and more than 2.000 web viewers watched them through livestreaming.

Xeirotexnika 2013-Location
Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 January 2013
10.00 am – 10.00 pm
The Hub events
Alkminis 5, Petralona

Free Entrance

The 2nd Xeirotexnika by Ftiaxto.gr belongs to the past. This is our report from all that we lived during that weekend in The Hub Athens and of course our own way of saying a big thank you! Until next year!

We’ll start by speaking in numbers:

During Xeirtotexnika 2013 and its 3 days:

  • More than 8.000 friends of handicraft visited it, being people of all ages.. from toddlers in carriages and more grown kids up to older men and women.
  • .5.000 brochures were given through the reception bags.
  • More than 5.500 cups of Lipton tea, FLORA breads and chocolate cookies were served
  • 40 presentations took place that were also watched by 2.000 friends of Ftiaxto.gr from home through livestreaming.

We might be a bit exhausted from all that running and standing during the prepaprations, but once again we had a great time and we gathered a lot of positive vibes in order to keep up!


For a bit more than a month before the festival’s weekend there was a big contest running, offering wonderful presents by our exhibitors and sponsors! Those who wanted to take part, filled their participation data through xeirotexnika.gr and got into a big lottery which took place on the eve of the festival! There were more than 3.300 participants. Those who won received their prizes from the exhibitor kiosks.

Xeirotexnika 2013 Sponsors


Xeiotexnika 2013 exhibitors were:

  • Kan­ga­roo Craft (kangaroocraft.com)
  • Clover (clover-usa.com)
  • Marianna Kontoe — Pow­er­tex (powertex.gr)
  • Athi­narom (ftiaxnokallyntika.gr)
  • Klironomos (210 3230187)
  • Sotiriou (e-sotiriou.gr)
  • Petra — Psalidi — Xarti (petra-psalidi-xarti.gr)
  • Paco Art (pacoartcenter.gr)
  • Craft Stu­dio (craftstudio.gr)
  • Orestis Craft Cen­ter (candlemaking.gr)
  • Burda sewing school — Olga Kampariza (burdaschool.net23.net)
  • Zenelis — Papaskarlatos (210 3234102)
  • Erial (erial.gr)
  • Katopoly­clay (katopolyclay.gr)
  • Ravo Pleko (ravopleko.gr)
  • Iwn (iwn.gr)
  • One Stroke – Asimina (onestroke.gr)
  • Evenos Editions — Hobby fac­tory (evenosbooks.com & dimiourgise.gr)
  • Maria’s Cre­ations (matiascreations.gr)
  • Modis­troula (modistroula.gr)
  • Lila Dia­man­topoulou (liladiam.com & metalclay.gr)
  • Kini­tro (kinitro-exartimata.gr)
  • Armos hob­bies (hobbyarmos.gr)
  • Gata me petala (gatamepetala.com)
  • Craftit (craftit.gr)
  • Crafts + Paper (craftsandpaper.gr)
  • Craft­box (craftbox.com)
  • Fash­ion Erotokritos (fashionerotokritos.com)
  • LaFee (lafee.gr)


If you want to take a peek at all those that happened during the 3rd Xeirotexnika, you can watch the presentation and workshop videos, exactly as they were transmited through the livestream!

Participants 2013

Below you’ll find the top view with all the professional handicraft material suppliers, art labs, ambassadors, publishing houses etcwho took part in Xeirotexnika 2013.

What they wrote about the Xeirotexnika 2013!

Xeirotexnika 2013 had a great coverage from all the media, traditional or not. Take a look at all those that were written in various sources (newspapers, magazines, radio, tv and internet) about the biggest handicrafts exhibition in greece.. about Xeirotexnika!


[email protected] interview



e-go.gr contest


Fol­low This







Take a look at this photo gallery from Xeirotexnika 2013 in order to grab a taste of all the great things that happened inside The Hub Athens!