Xeirotexnika 2011

The first Xeirotexnika exhibition took place at Parapera complex on the 15th and 16th of October 2011 and gathered more than 3.000 persons in 2 days.

Xeirotexnika 2011 Report

More than 20 handicraft suppliers and professionals exhibited their products, more than 18 hours of workshops took place and more than 1.500 online viewers watched the festival through livestreaming.

Xeirotexnika 2011
Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 October 2011
10.00 am – 10.00 pm
Para­pera complex
Acharnon 61 & Feron, Athens

Free entrance for everyone

During the whole Xeirotexnika there was a big contest running, offering prizes from our sponsors and exhibitors! Those who wanted to take part filled out a ticket during their entrance and they participated in the big lottery that occured by the end of the exhibition! The prizes were a kind offer of the participants.

Big sponsor of Xeirotexnika 2011

Eleftheriou Venizelou 90, Nea Ionia, 14231
[email protected]

Participants (in alphabetical order)

Athanasia Dimopoulou– Art creations, alt jewelery
Lila Diamantopoulou– Craft seminars and PMC clay creations<liladiam.com> and <metalclay.gr>
Ergoxeiro – Yarn, sewing and knitting shops <www.ergoxeiro.gr>
IWN Publications Book titles about handmade creation <www.iwn.gr>
– Sewing stores
Marianna Kontoe–
Powertex ambassador and art seminars <www.powertex.gr>
Asimina Konstantopoulou– Painting seminars using the One Stroke technique <www.onestroke.gr>
Lena Mouchimoglou – Sewing and button store
Petra Psalidi Xarti-
Art lab for adults and children <www.petra-psalidi-xarti.gr>
Sotiriou – Wool, yarn, sewing and handicraft shop organising workshops <www.e-sotiriou.gr>
Burda – Sewing/knitting lessons <www.burdaschool.net23.net>
— Online store with scrap­book­ing products <www.enjoyscrapping.gr>
Kan­ga­roo –
Knitting, yarn, felt and construction tools store organising seminars <www.kangaroocraft.gr>
Orestis Craft Cen­ter – Wax, soap and cosmetics material shop <www.candlemaking.gr>
Paco Art Cen­ter – Handicraft store <www.pacoartcenter.gr>
TvCrafts.gr —
Greek web tv dedicated to handicrafts <www.tvcrafts.gr>

We thank you all for an unforgettable weekend!!!

Event presentation by LifeEdite.gr