3rd Xeirotexnika

The 3rd Xeirotexnika took place on the exhibition space of Peace and Fiendship Stadium, from 1st to 3ed November 2013 and gathered more than 20.000 people in three days.

3rd Xeirotexnika Report

The 3rd Xeirotexnika by Ftiaxto.gr bleongs now to the past and this very article is our own report for all that we experienced during those 3 days at Peache and Friendship Stadium and of course are very own way of saying a big thank you to everybody! Until next year!

We’ll start by speaking in numbers:

During the 3rd Xeirtotexnika and its 3 days:

  • More than 20.000 friends of handicraft visited it, being people of all ages.. from toddles in carriages and more grown kids up to older men and women.
  • More than 15.000 brochures were given through the reception bags.
  • The 49 different kiosks hosted professional suppliers, labs, art schools and specialised press from the crafting and DIY sector.
  • 23 presentations took place in a specially designed space of a 200 persons capacity, covering most DIY subjects. For the first time, those presentations were recorded and will be uploaded on Ftiaxto.gr as videocasts.
  • Those presentations were attended by 2.000 persons during Xeirotexnika, while at the same time, they were watched by more than 2.500 friends of Ftiaxto.gr through livestreaming.

For us, we were once again exhausted from moving constantly (we had to deal with a uch larger space this time) while also being on our feet for the preparation, but once again we had a great time and really grabbed the chance to meet and greet with many of you. We learned a lot of things this year and gathered a great deal of positive energy in order to keep up with our next projects!

If you want to take a peek at all that happened in the Peace and Friendhsip Stadium during the 3rd Xeirotenxika you can take a look at our photo agllery, and of course, watch our presentations videocasts.

And last but not least, our thanks…

There are people, without which Xeirotexnika wouldn’t have taken place, and they do know who they are…

We warmly thank the security team, the cleaning crew that worked on the reception, prepared and delivered 15.000 bags, the livestreaming and video supervisors in the presentation hall, our transporters, the Kros Klaantzis team that set up the whole exhibition, our electrician, the catering team, Dreambox for its promotion, Anthony from Art Idea and Ektyposi for all the printings, all the people of the Ftiaxto.gr kiosk who worked with us around the clock and our beloved guests who came especially for us in order to give presentations (Popi, Maria, Mania and Dimitris.. it’s been an honor!).

And a special thank you to Dimitra and Petros, Emmanouela, Katerina, Eleni, Themis, Minas and Phaedon, Vaggelio, Elli and Kostas for their extremely valuable help!

A big thank you to all our exhibitors who trusted us (most of them for the third time in a row) by taking part in the 3rd Xeirotexnika. We wish to have even more participations next year…

A big thank you to our supporters and communication sponsors who trusted us and were willing to take part in their own way in this very celebration of handictafts!

Finally, a huge thank you to all of you who visited our festival from every corner of Athens and Greece, those who watched it through streaming and all of you that wanted to come but didn’t make it! We thank you for your kind words, your comments and feedback.. all these make us want to become even better each year.

Xeirotexnika owes its success to you and you only for supprorting us in each one of our attempts all these years!

Next Xeirotexnika has already begun preparing and we’ll soon announce our next plans!

We thank you all!

And in order to catch up with your questions.. our goal is for Xeirotexnika, besides taking part yearly, to grow by including an even greater variety of exhibitors, and of course, to travel outside Athens… we havent’s made this yet but we’re working on it…

Until next year!

3rd Xeirotexnika Participants

Below is the list of all the professional handicraft material suppliers, art labs, embassadors, publishing houses etc who took part in the 3rd Xeirotexnika.


If you want to take a peek at all those that happened during the 3rd Xeirotexnika, you can watch the presentation and workshop videos, exactly as they were transmited through the livestream!


Take a look at this photo gallery from the 3rd Xeirotexnika in order to grab a taste of all the great things that happened inside Peace and Friendship Stadium!

What they wrote about the 3rd Xeirotexnika!

The 3rd Xeirotexnika had a great coverage from all the media, traditional or not. Take a look at all those that were written in various sources (newspapers, magazines, radio, tv and internet) about the biggest handicrafts exhibition in greece.. about Xeirotexnika!

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