The “magician” of chalk paints will be with us!




Summer is over and special guests are getting ready to meet us!


Last year, we had the pleasure to meet the pioneer of chalk paint, Annie Sloan.  Visitors could meet her and learn new techniques from her (Watch her on youtube!)!






This year,  Jonathon Marc- Mendes, the “magician” of chalk paints will be with us. Jonathon has been chosen from  Annie Sloan  as the painter of the year for her paints. Jonathon Marc- Mendes represents the paints of Annie Sloan worldwide and he lives permanently in England.



He says that he met the paints of Annie Sloan during the last decade. Ever since then, he works exclusively with them.








He is famous about the techniques of aging furniture with two colours and with a wet fabric. He teaches these applications all over the world.

People who have attend his classes about the shades and mixes say that learning with him is a unique experience.

You can watch his work here:






Come and meet him in Xeirotexnika!


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