About Xeirotexnika

Xeirotexnika (Herotechnika) is the largest Crafts Supplies & Do It Yourself Festival in Greece. It’s duration is 3 days and it is held in various cities in Greece.


Visitors can buy craft supplies for their crafts. 


In Xeirotexnika, visitors can buy supplies, tools and books for making amazing crafts. Visitors can watch Talks and Presentations about materials and techniques and participate in hands-on Do-It- Yourself workshops.


Exhibitors are:

  • Professional suppliers of craft tools & materials
  • Art studios
  • Professional schools about crafting and DIY
  • Publishers


Exhibitors can sell their products (wholesale & retail) and inform visitors about their services. They can share techniques, news, ideas and solutions.



Some categories of Xeirotexnika are:

  • Painting
  • Decoupage & Hobby
  • Knitting and Sewing
  • Packaging
  • Decoration
  • Gardening Tools
  • Tools for cooking and pastry making
  • Tools for DIY constructions
  • Cosmetics
  • Books



Why should I visit Xeirotexnika?


In Xeirotexnika you will find all the suppliers of material, tools and books about crafting and DIY. You will get informed about the latest news about crafting and participate in workshops and talks.



Themidos 24, Marousi
Tel.: 210 8061 676
Fax: 211 2687 092
Email: info@xeirotexnika.gr

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